Terms & Conditions


For obvious safety reasons No Alcohol is allowed onsite and should not be consumed prior to the shooting session.  If the instructor detects a strong smell of alcohol, or it is suspected that anyone has been drinking, then that person will not be allowed to take part in the session.


A 25% deposit will be requested in order to secure an event booking.


This is an outdoor sport where we have no cover from the elements. If the weather on the day is deemed to be too dangerous too shoot then the booking could be postponed or cancelled at short notice.  All deposits will be refunded if cancelled due to poor weather. 

Novice Shooters

For any group that includes those who have never shot a gun before  then the advice is that that they do not shoot more than 30 clays. This will make sure that they get a good introduction to the sport that they will enjoy. 

Medical Disclaimer

The following general medical disclaimer should be read by each client or party booked. Individuals knowing that they have a medical condition or incapacity precluding them from taking part in any activity, for which their package was purchased, are to please inform us when making the enquiry for a package, before booking.

If any client has any doubts as to their personal medical condition or incapacity preventing them from taking part in the booked activity, then they have a duty to inform Cornish Clay Pigeon Coaching and abide by the decision given by Cornish Clay Pigeon Coaching.